What Type of 3D Content to Publish on Instagram?

Without a doubt, the best content that catches customers’ attention is those related to social proof. In general, social proof is a mental trigger that makes a person feel confident in their work, and this affects how you get more clients on Instagram. And how does this happen? Very simple. All you have to do is share the 3D work you have already completed for other clients on Instagram. 

A great strategy is to ask the client of the finished project to make a short video testimonial, explaining what their expectations were regarding the work carried out. If you are a professional who follows the work, always make videos on-site for the Insta viewers to navigate new videos., explaining the project to your audience. Preferably record the location before starting work or renovation, and then record the finished location, to do the before and after of the project. 

In summary, publish content from:

  • collect testimonials from satisfied customers talking about your work;
  • appear in videos (humanization) explaining something related to the project; 
  • publish videos of the finished 3D render in Lumion/Enscape or other; 
  • make short videos to visit the work; 
  • always include images generated from the 3D project; 
  • use before and after images of project completion;
  • do not use images from image banks on the internet; 
  • Always prefer high-quality images (avoid pixelated, distorted photos)

Tips for enhancing your content on Instagram 

In addition to the tips you’ve already checked out to attract more customers to your Instagram, here are some others that enhance your profile even further:

Try to maintain a harmonized Feed 

When we talk about a “harmonized feed” on Instagram we mean a consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance about the images and content posted. 

In practice, this means that the photos, videos, and other posts shared on the profile are chosen and organized to create a cohesive and attractive visual appearance when someone visits your profile, to get more customers on Instagram.

To maintain a harmonized feed, pay attention to the following details:

  • Colours (use a consistent colour palette or colour theme that fits well with the profile images and style);
  • Editing style (define a consistent photography style, maintaining the same pattern and images with similar filters);
  • Tone of voice (in subtitles and descriptions, use the same writing style).

Don’t use 3D technical terms

When creating content for your social network, avoid using jargon that is difficult to understand. Keep in mind that most clients don’t know about your work. If you use many words that are difficult to understand, you end up creating an abyss in communication, that is, the customer will not understand what you are saying, and then you will not feel confident in hiring their services. 

The tip is simple but powerful: explain simply and easily until a child can understand!

Talk about what customer pain points you solve 

“Loading up”, that is, talking more than necessary on social media is a waste of time. Get straight to the point and be direct with the content. The customer came to your profile on the social network because he wanted to solve a problem. So, tell me what problems you solve, for example:

  • what type of work do you do (architecture, civil engineering?);
  • regularize documents, develop land?;
  • only works with designer interior designer;
  • does landscaping and urban projects; 
  • works only with 3D rendering;
  • also provide digital illustration services;
  • Do you serve the client at home or do you have a fixed location?;
  • How do you price a 3D project?

Always include a CTA in your posts 

As previously stated, the CTA is nothing more than an action that we would like the person to take when seeing published content. 

When making a post on Instagram with embedded hashtags, try to leave a CTA in the description, for example:

  • contact us by phone: 
  • click on the link to find out more;
  • request a quote via WhatsApp;
  • click on the bio link to find out more;
  • see more in bio;

Use multiple content formats 

Instagram has 3 different algorithms for publishing:

  • Stories (30-second videos that disappear in 24 hours);
  • Feed (timeline); and 
  • Reels (short videos of up to 90 seconds) 

So, if you publish only static images (without movement) in the Feed, you will no longer reach the people who consume Stories and Reels. The idea is to always balance publications in all 3 places. A good tip is to give preference to videos. People tend to engage more with this type of content, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post images, this also contributes to how to get more customers on Instagram.

Speaking of which, there are different types of editorials, which can be published in video or images. Below, we list the main ones:

  • Trending (what’s hot at the moment);
  • Tutorial (teach how to do something step by step);
  • Tips (show a practical tip);
  • News (comment on something new);
  • Reviews (analysis of a launch/product);
  • Blog (publish a link to an article); 
  • Case (show a success story of your client); 
  • Testimonial (show feedback from your client); 
  • Behind the scenes (show your work process);
  • Launch (launch a new service or product).

Relate to your followers 

Publishing and “running away” doesn’t make sense on a social network, especially how to get more customers on Instagram. Understand that social networks are created precisely so that people can interact with each other, this is the main purpose.  

In this sense, seek to humanize your profile on the social network, because behind a cell phone, some people want to connect with you.

And how to make your profile more human? One way to do this is through:

  • always respond to questions from followers;
  • comment on customer profile posts; 
  • be interested in discussions related to your 3D work; 
  • raise relevant topics for clients (e.g. is it expensive to do a project for my home?);
  • answer the main questions using the question box in Stories;
  • ask interesting polls (e.g.: what type of covering would you use in your house?).

Extra tips to get more customers on Instagram

In the Maquinaria 3D community Render Chat, Gustavo Silva explained in detail his vision of how to get more customers on Instagram through a strategy for prospecting customers. Check out the content:

Conclusion on how to get more customers on Instagram

As you can see, it is undeniable that 3D professionals need to be active on social media to promote their work and get more clients. However, it is necessary to dedicate a little time to maintain a consistency of publications and follow the good practices listed throughout this text. In this context, we know that 3D professionals don’t have that much time, precisely that’s why Maquinaria 3D has the largest collection of 3D resources, so you can save time and quickly find textures, < /span> high quality to use in your projects. blocks preset


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