What is the maximum stay on an Umrah VISA?

We will customize Umrah packages for Muslims round the world, offering different types of VISAs for pilgrims to Mecca. Obtaining a valid VISA is an integral part of this sacred spiritual journey. Entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may be denied without a VISA. Policies related to Hajj and Umrah travel have been relaxed as per Saudi Vision guidelines. Pilgrims can now perform this sacred pilgrimage of Umrah by obtaining a specific Umrah VISA. Islamic Travel and other best travel agencies includes the Umrah VISA in their Cheap Umrah Packages which they have specially customized for the UK pilgrims. Umrah VISA is official document intended to facilitate boarding for Muslims. As per the latest developments, the VISA validity has been extended from 1 month to 3 months. And can also opt for minor Umrah rituals on business VISAs, tourist VISAs and kingdom family VISAs. Umrah Package brings you the cheapest Umrah package so that you can get maximum benefits.

What is the validity of the Umrah VISA?

The validity of a VISA obtained to perform Umrah rituals depends on several factors and the Rules and regulations set by issuing country the VISA. These factors are listed below:

  • Seasonality
  • Type of VISA
  • Number of visits
  • Your travel region

Validity of an Umrah VISA

When you apply for an Umrah VISA for your Umrah journey. So the maximum stay on Umrah VISA is thirty days. However, this is very important to understand once you arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So the actual validity of the VISA is only two weeks. In other words, when an Umrah pilgrim reach Makkah, he has the permit to perform all the rituals of this spiritual journey with sincerity. You must depart on the 15th day of your arrival date. An additional 15 days is allowed to compensate for any travel delays or flight cancellations. So your departure should be on the 15th day from the date of your arrival after performing the holy rituals. The Umrah VISA is valid for two weeks, but if you are performing umrah during the month of Ramadan, you must leave by the last days of this holy month. For the Hajj Pilgrimage you have to purchase the Hajj VISA or Book the Hajj Packages which by default includes the hajj VISA in it.

Umrah permits on different VISA types.

There are different types of Umrah and can be obtained by Muslims traveling from specific areas. And can also perform Umrah rituals on it.

Tourist VISA.

Travelers from certain countries can obtain a tourist VISA. VISA is available both through e-service as well as on arrival facility. Tourist VISA is valid for 90 days per visit. So, the actual validity of a tourist VISA ranges from 30 days to one year. Muslims traveling to the region on their tourist VISAs need permission to perform the Umrah rituals as well as obtain an Umrah permit in advance. With tourist VISA you can pay for performing Umrah Pilgrimage without any hassle and get maximum benefits and rewards.

Family VISA

If a Muslim wants to travel to Saudi Arabia with his family and they also want to join this spiritual journey. So, family VISA can be obtained. But it is the best choice to purchase the family Umrah VISA from the Islamic Travel or any authentic Islamic Travel agency in United Kingdom. The actual legitimacy of the family depends on.

  • The sponsorship status.
  • The purpose of your visit.

Generally, VISA type are valid for 90 days to one year. So, if you are travelling to Saudi Arabia on a family VISA. You can also perform umrah rituals on it. Relatives living in Saudi Arabia must apply through the official website of the ministry of foreign Affairs to obtain a VISA.

Business VISA

Any business VISA can be obtained for all business related purpose i.e. investment, meetings, conferences or commercial activities.  The duration of this VISA is three months to more than one year. Therefore, Muslims on business VISA have an option to perform Umrah without any legal restrictions in this regard.

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Overstaying your VISA

Pilgrims are advised to strictly follow VISA regulations and ensure timely departure. Islamic Travel is a reliable agency you can consult us as our umrah packages includes return flights. You will have to reach the mentioned at the same time. Actually the main reason is that overstaying your VISA is a serious crime. As a result of which one has to pay a heavy fine. Rather, there may be many travel complications and legal action in the country in the future. As VISA regulations are constantly changing. Therefore, pilgrims are advised to stay updating by referring official sources from the nearest embassy of Saudi Arabia. You can also contact the Islamic Travel and get all information about the different types of VISAs. There is a specific period for pilgrimages for overstaying in the KSA as well.


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