How To Print Custom Mugs To Market Your Business

Custom mugs are the most trending, unique, and memorable tool for marketing your brand. With the help of custom mug printing, you can convey your brand to your target audience. The best example of this has been given by the Wagh Bakri Chai. For the past few months, Wagh Bakri Tea Company has been gifting two beautiful custom mugs to its customers upon purchase of one kilo of tea, thereby delighting the buyers and influencing others to buy this tea. You will see these types of mugs in almost 70% of homes in India. Wagh Bakri Tea sales have increased when customized mug gifts are received. If you also want to grow your business by marketing your brand, then you should invest in getting custom mugs printed. This article will help you print the best custom photo mug for your business branding by giving you the most important consideration points to follow.

4 Tips For Printing Custom Mugs To Stand Out In Marketing

1. Well Planned Design:

Before getting a custom mug printed, you need to properly design your custom mug. A well-designed custom mug will attract people and also make your brand memorable. If you do not design the custom mug properly then the printing will not be done properly which means that the custom mugs will not sell and the money invested will also be wasted. Therefore, before getting your custom mug printed, you should complete the design of your mug properly.

2. Choosing Base Mug:

Once the design is finalized, you need to keep in mind all the factors like size, durability, base color, pattern, handle, etc. to design a mug that is simple, subtle, attractive, and eye-catching. If you see a customer looking at you, you will think about buying it or enjoy drinking your coffee during the day. Printing the cup is the most important step in the entire custom mug printing process, otherwise, any mistake you make here will undo all your hard work. Try to choose a color that will give a good base to your final design and won’t hide it.

3. Make Your Message Memorable And Attractive:

Depending on the product or business mug you are planning to customize, you should deliver your message in an engaging way that allows viewers to emotionally connect with your message. Make sure the message or tagline is unique or effective enough that people won’t forget it. Ghadi Detergent has created the tagline, “Pehle Istmaal Kare Phir Vishwas Kare” No Indian will forget this tagline. The biggest game of marketing lies in how cohesive and memorable you make your message and product. Customers will remember your product only if they remember your brand’s tagline. Keeping this factor in mind, attractively present your message. Should be portrayed by should.

4. Test The Print:

Once the design is decided, the base mug is fixed and all the remaining factors are decided, the most important step is to see your design printed on the decided mug. So that you can correct the mistake before we make any mistakes in printing the mug. If you print all the mugs at once without markings, you won’t get a chance to correct the mistake. If the printing on one mug is done correctly then you can print all the other mugs.


Modern businesses require modern marketing solutions to directly connect with the public, especially with youngsters. Custom mug printing can play an important role in branding your business and in growing your sales too. Always select the best printing shop that can provide you with all the comfortable and effortless printing services. Print And Gift printing shops can be the perfect destination to fulfill your all requirements for printing solutions with the help of advanced and high-quality custom mug printing services.

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