How Do You Make A Low-Cost Wedding Invitation?

Weddings are one of the most anticipated events in our lives; they are a phase of life that will be remembered for the rest of our lives, and we want it to be perfect.

While we want to make our big day extra memorable, we also want to keep it within our budget. 

We can’t make our wedding activities so expensive that we later have to live on a shoestring budget. As a result, even if it is a pocket wedding invitation card, it is critical to keep the cost in mind.

In this article, we’ll go through how to make a low-cost wedding invitation.

Use An Electronic Invitation: 

One of the most effective strategies to reduce the cost of a wedding invitation is to use an electronic invitation card.

It aids in lowering the cost of paper, which is becoming increasingly expensive.

A wedding invitation can be created using a variety of technologies and applications. One can seek professional assistance or create the card themselves.

Electronic invites are less expensive and allow you to choose a less ornate but still lovely invitation card.

Select An Affordable Invitation Paper:

 If a printed card is preferred over an electronic card, a less expensive wedding invitation paper can be used.

There are various possibilities for picking an invitation paper; one can choose it according to one’s own preferences and desires.

Cotton fibre invitation paper is one of the more expensive options, whereas card and cover materials appear to be more affordable.

Keep It Simple Yet Elegant: Go For Simple Decorations – Keep It Simple Yet Elegant:

It is not necessary for everyone to create an elaborate invitation card.

One could choose a simple yet elegant solution.

Some folks don’t think it’s such a big deal, therefore they keep their wedding invitations simple.

Figure Out How Much You Can Spend

I’m not a fan of breaking your wedding budget down by percentages, and here’s why. It works out okay if you’ve got a bigger budget. But if you’re working with a smaller wedding budget, the percentages just don’t make sense. Typical wedding budget breakdowns recommend spending 2 to 3% of your budget on wedding stationery:

  • With a $15,000 wedding budget, 2 percent is $300 for invitations.
  • With a $10,000 wedding budget, 2 percent is $200 for invitations. 
  • With a $5,000 wedding budget, 2 percent is $100 for invitations.
  • With a $2,000 wedding budget, 2 percent is $40 for invitations.

No Brand New Cover: 

The wedding invitation contains not only the event card but also the envelope in which the card is enclosed.

The card and the cover can be kept extremely simple. Color schemes such as pastels and light colours help a wedding invitation card look more classy while also being cheaper.

To improve the card’s beauty and quality, employ colors that make it appear more than ordinary; this is one strategy that may help make the card stand out even with a small investment.

Send a Single Card Instead of an Invitation Suite

This suggestion might be shouted down by wedding etiquette experts, but: consider skipping paper RSVP cards. Depending on your crowd, more than half of your guests won’t return them anyway. Save money on the cards and the stamps by allowing RSVPs on your wedding website only. 

Since most people aren’t returning the cards, what’s the difference if they don’t respond by mail or via your website? Either way, you’ll need to reach out to them to get an answer. 

Use As Few Layers As Possible: 

Another thing to consider is that the invitation card should have as few layers of paper as possible.

People still utilise layering to make their wedding invitation cards stand out because it was so popular a few years ago.

Paper is expensive, and on top of that, one must pay for the embellishments used to make the card look nice. As a result, by employing fewer layers, you can save money while maintaining a low-key but striking card.

Blend The Ingredients:

You can still make a pocket wedding invitation card, even if you add a little something like, you can try combining two different types of invitation papers, one for the exterior cover and the other for the inside content. 

Avoid Adding Too Much Hotchpotch To The Card: 

Avoid cluttering the card and adding too many details.

On the wedding card, only the relevant information should be included.

Making sure the colour schemes match and the paper quality is good, even if it is cheap, can add a touch of elegance to the wedding card.

The tone of the occasion and the ceremonial processions should be set by the wedding cards, which should not be too dull.

As a result, these are some suggestions for making a low-cost wedding invitation.

It is critical to create a stylish yet cost-effective invitation card for the simple reason that people must pay for other expenses in addition to the wedding.

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