Ways To Pair Up Your Bridal Lehenga As Per Your Skin Tone

One of the most important days of your life is your wedding, and choosing the ideal bridal lehenga color is an important choice that will have a big influence on how you look and feel about yourself. With so many color possibilities, it is critical to pick a shade that highlights your natural beauty and works well with your skin tone.

This article will discuss how various skin tones may be categorized and offer helpful advice on which color oflehenga choli for women is best for each group. Knowing which colors go well with your skin tone—fair, medium, olive, or dark—will guarantee that you look effortlessly elegant and charming on your big day. You may confidently start your search for the perfect bridal lehenga color that will make you feel like the pinnacle of elegance and beauty by taking into account your tastes, the wedding theme, fabric selections, and accessories.

Recognizing Your Skin Tone

Understanding the various skin tones and how they may be categorized is crucial before delving into the differentlehenga choli colors. Four broad categories can be used to categorize human skin tones:

  • Fair skin tone is either Ivory or pale skin tone with chilly undertones.
  • Warm, golden, or olive skin tone with neutral undertones is referred to as medium skin tone.
  • Olive skin tone is a medium complexion with undertones of green or yellow.
  • Dark skin tone has rich undertones and a deep complexion.

For Fair Skin Tone

Brides with fair skin tones should choose colors that enhance rather than overshadow their complexion. Baby pink, mint green, peach, and lavender are examples of pastel colors that lend a sense of elegance and femininity. Ivory, champagne, and silver are soft neutral colors that provide a dreamy, ethereal aesthetic. But stay away from really vivid colors since they might mask pale skin tones.

For Medium Skin Tone

One benefit of having medium-skinned brides is that they may wear various colors. Their warm complexion is well complemented by rich and bold hues like burned orange, deep maroon, emerald green, and royal blue. Medium-toned skin can also benefit from the inherent glow-enhancing properties of jewel tones like amethyst purple, sapphire blue, and ruby red. Brides with medium complexion tones should steer clear of really dark colors that might seem excessively gloomy, but they should also avoid very light or pastel hues.

For Olive Skin Tone

Olive-skinned brides are adept at wearing both warm and cold colors. The warmth in their skin tone is accentuated by earthy tones such as rust, terracotta, and mustard yellow. Deep teal, ruby red, and amethyst purple are examples of jewel-toned colors that are equally gorgeous. A delicate and romantic appearance is produced by pastels like dusty rose and seafoam green. But stay away from colors that are too similar to olive undertones since they might make your skin tone seem too similar.

For Dark Skin Tone

Dark-skinned brides might choose vivid, dramatic colors that accentuate their inherent attractiveness. Vibrant colors like blazing red, magnificent blue, and regal purple stand out well on dark skin. Metallic hues like bronze, copper, and gold give the entire party-wear lehenga a regal feel. Dark-skinned brides may pull off bright colors with ease, but they should stay away from washed-out or boring hues.

Extra Advice for Selecting Your Ideal Lehenga Color Based on Personal Taste

While taking into account your skin tone is important, don’t forget to put your own preferences first. In the end, the color you chose should make you feel confident and at ease. Season and theme, fabric and embellishments, and accessories also play an essential role.


If you take your skin tone into consideration, choosing the ideal color of designer lehenga for women may be a fun process. Finding the color that best suits your skin tone and makes you seem radiant on your wedding day may be achieved by learning about it and experimenting with different shades. Recall that the most important thing is to feel beautiful and confident, so follow your gut and select the color that most suits you.

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