Car Security -10 Tips for Protecting Your Car from Thieves

Car theft is a serious issue in Victoria, where over 40 vehicles are taken each day. Even with insurance, having your automobile stolen may be expensive and upsetting.  A security system known as “Ghost Car Security ” stops a car’s combustion engine from the beginning unless a set of buttons are hit in a particular order.

Over time, automobile thieves have also evolved in their methods. After the 1990s, cars require the appropriate key to start and cannot be hotwired. To obtain the owner’s card, robbers typically have to attempt to grab the owner’s keys. 

These ten easy-to-follow suggestions can help you safeguard your car and make it far more difficult for thieves to take it.

Take your keys out of the car

Experts advise against leaving your keys in the ignition (NICB). A robber might easily smash a window and take off if your key was left inside the vehicle. Additionally, Firestone advises avoiding leaving your car operating, regardless of whether you’re just conducting a quick errand inside a business. A running car could be a prime target for a burglar, particularly if it’s unprotected or left alone.

Never Operate Your Car Alone When you’re not Around

It’s easy to let your car sit there. It appears easier than simply leaving your car running when you need to dash inside fast. However, this seemingly harmless habit exposes you to order carjackers. Car thieves are essentially invited inside an idling vehicle. Their job is a lot easier when you simply leave your automobile running and walk away. When the next occasion you have to leave your car abandoned, spend the extra moment to lock it and switch it off. To keep your automobile secure, the extra few seconds it takes when turning it back on have been well worth it.

Keep up With the Most Recent Trends in Stealing

To protect your thoughts, it is essential to understand the common tendencies of vehicle theft in your community. Keep up with the latest developments in your community by following local news, and reports from law enforcement, including discussion boards to gain insight into the strategies that criminals employ. You may better equip yourself to keep your car safe and secure by using this knowledge to adjust your preventative methods. Find out from your provider how they are responding to the most recent information and how auto theft and protection will function in the unlikely scenario of a claim.

All-Inclusive Security System

Invest in an all-inclusive security system that comes with a premium vehicle alarm equipped with surrounding detectors. Seek out technologies that monitor windows, and door openings, including detection of movement. When paired with an immobiliser, you can’t start your vehicle without the right key or fob. For best results, make sure the installation is done by professionals.

Park in Locations with Good Lighting

Refrain from parking in dimly lit locations or spots that are not easily visible to onlookers. Experts advise parking in a well-lit, busy place so that criminals may be discouraged by the knowledge that they are seen.

Secure your Vehicle

Even whether you are parking inside your house, in your garage, or are just leaving your automobile for a short while, you ought to constantly secure the doors to your vehicle and then close the windows. Make it a point of routine to verify that all doors, the luggage compartment including the windows and sunroofs are securely closed. Unlocked cars become a popular target for thieves.

GPS Monitor

Selecting a GPS monitor with immediate monitoring capabilities is important. Select a gadget that enables a computer interface or smartphone app for remote monitoring. GPS tracking and tamper warnings are features that some sophisticated trackers offer to increase security.

Make an Automobile Lock Purchase

One good deterrent against thieves is a steering column lock that is both obvious and strong. These theft-prevention gadgets discourage thieves from trying to take your car by making it much harder for them to manoeuvre or drive.

Employ a Kill Switch 

Implementing an anti-theft device that intеrfеrеs with the ignition or gasoline supply will stop thieves from restarting your car. This hidden switch provides an additional dеgrее of security because it prevents a burglar from being able to make it away from your automobile and еvеn if they managed to gain entry inside.

Put in Top-notch Outdoor Security Cameras 

In addition to helping you monitor your car outdoor surveillance cameras also discourage theft. 

Criminals dislike leaving’ traces of their crimes or drawing attention to thеmsеlvеs. A survey found that 83% of would-be burglars look for surveillance еquipmеnt before trying to break in. 

Since many individuals park their automobiles in driveways or on the strееt and outside webcams also aid in the prevention of auto theft. According to one survey, 25% of homeowners with two-car garages never park their automobiles on the driveway and a different one found that 30% of homeowners only park one vehicle inside the garage.

Final words

When parking your car, pay attention to your surroundings. It’s preferable to find another place to park if you are concerned about the security of your vehicle or if you notice someone lingering in the lot. Before leaving your automobile unattended, Firestone advises double-examining that your windows and windows are closed.

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