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Outsourcing Services and Payroll Solutions in Turkey


The Turkish payroll system

Payroll management in Turkey allows you to have a subsidiary at a lower cost and without creating a formal legal structure.

You can have an employee working for you full-time, who is in fact recruited by the payroll company in Turkey, which takes care of signing the contract and managing all the local administrative procedures.
This is the solution for recruitment in Turkey.

The main benefits of Payroll Solutions in Turkey :

You have a single point of contact to monitor your employees in Turkey
You don’t have to establish a subsidiary in Turkey
You don’t have to handle accounting in Turkey

Overview of payroll in Turkey

The payroll company in Turkey aims to offer a solution tailored to the needs of its customers. The various teams, based locally, are always qualified to supply you with the services you require by adapting the appropriate strategies to your needs and expectations.
They can also provide you with advice and information on the Turkish market, on the benefits and disadvantages of internationalising your structure, and on the best strategic choices to make.

Our effectiveness is based not only on our ability to identify relevant and suitable profiles, but also on the performance and customisation of our payroll management services.

We can assist you as an umbrella company in Turkey. We benefit from our legal status in Istanbul, which enables us to declare you as an employee. Firstly, you pay us the equivalent of the employee’s salary and social security contributions.

We then take care of the local declaration, payment of social security contributions, as well as payment of the wages and the employer. We are recognised as a local PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) and payroll service provider in Turkey.

Why should I choose payroll management services in Turkey?

As well as helping with the recruitment process, we can manage your company’s payroll in Turkey.

Statutory requirements and payroll compliance in Turkey

Sorting out your own finance the executives in Turkey would expect you to lay out your own committed legitimate design, which isn’t especially viable in the event that you invest the greater part of your energy abroad, or on the other hand assuming it implies taking on new staff just to stay aware of the speed of finance the board.

Reevaluating finance the executives permits you to focus on what you would best and gives you more noteworthy tranquility of care.

Payroll in Turkey is regulatede and follows a strict set of legal rules that can be difficult to understand.
We make sure that all aspects of your payroll system are correct for your employees and avoid you having to dedicate an entire branch of your business to employing Turkish nationals..
As a result, your accounting is simplified and you don’t have to modify your business model to adapt to payroll management in Turkey.
Our payroll management package as an umbrella company allows you to reduce the time you spend and safeguard your investments.

The umbrella company’s local presence also enables it to be a true facilitator of relations between you, your employees and the authorities, helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times.
They optimise their solutions around the individual requirements of their clients and of their local experts, always with your best interests at heart, and they strive to be accountable to you every step of the way, providing you with all the information you need to make the right decisions about how they administer payroll in Turkey on your behalf. Whatever the size of your business, outsourcing payroll management locally is the ideal way to ensure employee satisfaction and overall business efficiency.

Payroll management in Turkey, as elsewhere, requires you to have a dedicated human resources department, with additional accountants. Having this aspect of your business managed for you is an excellent way to save costs by avoiding having to dedicate in-house resources, both in terms of staff and office space.
They can take care of everything from employee pay to tax and reporting. Their complete solution means that all the social, administrative and legal aspects of your business in Turkey can be managed in the best possible way.

Difficulties encountered by companies in managing payroll in Turkey

ERAI’s focus as a Payroll Services company in Istanbul and Turkey is to offer a solution tailored to the needs of the clients. Our teams are located locally and are empowered to deliver the requested services by tailoring the appropriate strategies to your needs and requirements.
They can also advise and inform you about how the Turkish market works, the advantages and disadvantages of internationalising your business, and the best strategic choices to make.

The benefits of outsourcing payroll in Turkey

Rethinking finance the board in Turkey, as in numerous different nations, can have various benefits for organizations. Here are a portion of the principal benefits.

Expertise and Conformity:

Turkish payroll outsourcing providers typically have expertise in local employment law, tax regulations and compliance requirements. This ensures that your payroll processes are correct and comply with legal obligations, reducing the risk of penalties or fines due to non-compliance.

Save time and money:

The administration of finance in-house can be tedious and asset serious. Re-appropriating finance the executives in Turkey permits organizations to save significant time and assets that can be diverted towards center business exercises. Besides, rethinking is for the most part more practical than selecting and planning in-house finance staff, particularly for little and medium-sized organizations.

Accuracy and efficiency:

Payroll management companies in Turkey use advanced payroll software and systems to streamline processes and minimise errors. The result is more accurate payroll calculations, timely payments to employees and greater overall efficiency in payroll administration.

Confidentiality and security:

Re-appropriating finance the board keeps up with information protection and security. Turkey’s reputable payroll providers adhere to stringent data protection regulations and implement stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive employee data.


In the event that your business develops or encounters vacillations in headcount, finance re-appropriating can give you the extensibility and adaptability you want to conform to your evolving needs. Finance specialist co-ops can change their administrations appropriately, considering changes in worker numbers, benefits or other finance related factors.

Access to technology and innovation:

Finance rethinking organizations frequently decide to put resources into the most trend setting innovations and advancements to further develop their administrations constantly. By re-appropriating finance the board, organizations can profit from admittance to the most recent programming, devices and usefulness without putting resources into them separately.

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